Fed Chairman Bernanke Bizarrely Squirms In Front Of Congress.

Does Ben Bernanke, who pretends to be a scholar (and he has the papers to prove it!), think that one of the greatest classical liberalism scholars of our time is going to go before Congress and say something that cannot be verified?

Congressman Ron Paul posed a couple of questions to Ben Bernanke asking him to assure the Congress that the Federal Reserve would not bail out Greece nor would it funnel money towards secret and unlawful deeds.

The claims made by the Federal Reserve that it does not want to become politicized by having to submit to an audit is the what is truly bizarre. Unless its secrecy and its illegal arrangements - that reek with corrupt political motives - are allowed to be examined by Congress the Federal Reserve will not only not-be-transparent but it will continue its criminal behavior.

These crimes are over and above-and-beyond the crime of counterfeiting!

Why is Congress naive about all of the rotten fruits that fall from the tree of the counterfeiter? The Federal Reserve is the trough for criminality!

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