How Long Before America's Bankruptcy Reaches The Front Page?

One thing is for sure, the sooner the better. Truthful reporting is the only thing that is going to put a halt to the lying and scheming by the politicians.

The politicians are living in a 'bizarre'(as Bernanke calls it) world and Washington D.C. is their Capital! In their fantasy world they just keep increasing the flow of money towards the Capital. From there it is pumped throughout their system of political corruption.

The outcome of all of this 'bizarre' corruption is debt and inflation and the destruction of the currency. Maybe America will not be able to withstand the political unrest that will result from the destruction of the currency. Maybe the era of 'too big to fail' superpowers will come to an end.

Classical liberalism societies will spring up everywhere and the world will eventually become a classical liberalism civilization. That is the ultimate future but how we get there from here is the big question.

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