Life And Death Are Part Of The Predatory State.

We are moving from the parasitic State to the predatory State. That is what happens when the parasites approach the 'carrying capacity' of the populace. Parasitism can no longer sustain the relatively large number of parasites nor can the relatively small number of hosts find adequate sustenance. It becomes a matter of preservation.

The State has reached the degree of fascism and socialism that it must turn to totalitarianism to be able to extract enough resources from the hosts to be able to stay alive. This is even more the case now because people have been educated about the counterfeiting operation of the Federal Reserve and are revolting against it. Without unabated counterfeiting the hunger pangs are showing up throughout the realm of the unConstitutional coup - from the armpit of California even to the distant in-grown toenail of Greece.

As totalitarianism sets in the dictates of the unConstitutional coup will become blatantly immoral. Assassination is merely a means to an ends as far as the ego-driven economic terrorists are concerned.

Like all parasites and predators the unConstitutional coup must be stopped or it will kill the host. With no host even the vile members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup will die. For our sake and even for their sake the predatory and parasitic State must be given a healthy dose of the curative medicine - a classical liberalism revolution by the hosts.

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