London Fills Its Pockets With Unemployed Americans' Money.

When a liar's lies push other lies from side to side it leaves a hole.

It is down into that hole that all of the resources (including the lives of American soldiers, children bombing victims and countless refugees) pour endlessly just to satisfy the ego-driven schemes of the political class.

Of course, selling 'buildings that are being rented' (a lie or ignorance or both?) will pay for the billion dollar embassy (wow! that is some unbelievably valuable real estate!!!) in London since like Clinton said it is needed since running : "every department of our government through London" requires this international boondoggle.

Even a specific request about a ridiculously excessive waste beyond our borders while domestic unemployment is greater than 20% cannot be answered without one sleazy lie after another.

When will Congress prosecute the crime of lying to Congress in its own chambers?

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