Lying Statistics, Counterfeiting, And Destructive Wars.

According to official government statistics there is no inflation. According to the same government, counterfeiting by the central bank is legal. According to this same - the unConstitutional coup - first strike war is peace.

What would the American people do if they knew that the current inflation rate was 9.76%, or if they knew that the dollar is on the verge of being worthless, or if they knew that our Constitutional Republic has been usurped by warmongers who think that they can expand their imperialism through economic terrorism and military belligerence?

Such knowledge is only a hair's breadth away. The truth is shining and its beams are penetrating the darkness created by government propaganda and indoctrination. No one will want to return to the darkness once the truth is known.

In other words, no one will any longer believe the government statistics. No one will want the funny money instead of real assets. No one will permit their family and friends and neighbors to die unless it is for the purpose of toppling the unConstitutional coup.

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