Mainstream Media is Between A Rock And A Hard Place!!!

Mainstream media cannot afford to be deemed irrelevant so it has to at least appear to detect changes in society. It has to give some hearing to the events shaking the people who they are supposedly trying to keep informed.

And so they invite Ron Paul to come speak!!! It is like an intellectual and philosophical giant in the midst of reporters who have been held captive in a stuffy black box for a long time by a oppressive tyrant.

The unConstitutional coup should not have let these reporters leave their confines. Unless they have completely lost their ethical bearings they will be dumbfounded by the weakness of their thoughts while at the same time awestruck by the power and potency of the argument for peace and liberty and prosperity.

All of a sudden it is clear to everyone who hears the knowledge shared by Ron Paul that all things are inter-related. The criminal counterfeiting by the Federal Reserve is just like the criminal economic terrorism of the unConstitutional coup and it is just like the murderous actions of the military industrial complex. These are all part and parcel of the unConstitutional coup which has usurped our Constitutional Republic and is making America look like a terrorist nation.

Mainstream media is between the rock of truth and certainty that is eloquently presented by Ron Paul and the hard place of immorality emanating from all of the socialist and fascist crimes of the unConstitutional coup.

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