Now Is The Time For Communities To Intiate Free Banking!

"Someone tell these communities to initiate free banking in their communities. Free banking would be the most efficient means to attain the same ends." This is part of the economic solution - trying to discover the best means.

Since economics and ethics are inseparable the communities also need to take some ethical steps. The principal ethical step would be clearly defining and refining property rights. There is no ethical reason that the property rights associated with free banking cannot be clearly defined. These property rights can continually be refined over time.

Once this happens - the property rights associated with free banking are clearly defined in the community - the prospect of success at keeping the monetary monopolist away depends on the public resentment towards the violation of human rights. Property rights are human rights.

The mood of the people in the U.S. is increasingly intolerant of the violation of human rights by the unConstitutional coup. In other words, now is the time to initiate free banking in communities.

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