Snow Job By Bernanke Via The Media Outlets Due To Snow In D.C.!

The Federal Reserve Chairman, fresh off his re-appointment as the chief counterfeiter, makes a public statement to try to pull the wool over the eyes of the growing number of new Fed watchers. The plan to pull back trillions of dollars, the trillions that were used to hide the misdeeds of the Federal Reserve in the past,  will be in full swing as soon as the tip of the iceberg goes away, according to Bernanke! Bernanke thinks he can pull off a snow job by not mentioning that more than 95% of the iceberg is not visible yet.

What short-run benefit is there to this ridiculous lie discounting the looming financial disaster? Bernanke wants to continue to hide the massive corruption associated with the distribution of those trillions of dollars in the hope that Congress will  fail to do its job, and fail to listen to the citizens, and instead do the bidding of the unConstitutional coup.

Don't be fooled by the chief counterfeiter. Don't allow Congress to forget its responsibility to represent the people. Don't allow the secret and corrupt deals made by the Federal Reserve to go unpunished. Do whatever you can to resist and expose the unConstitutional coup.

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