The State Emerged And Encouraged Moral Relativism.

The schism in Christianity that occurred during the Protestant Reformation did not occur in a vacuum. It paralleled the other changes: changes in technology, and changes in the status of nationhood. In other words, it was not ever simply an issue of some pure Protestantism or Calvinism.

During that period of history the lust for power was up for grabs among many different ego-driven interpreters and that was the spawning ground for the ego-driven interventionists. It is unscientific to try to separate out some religious creed from this simmering stew as if you can restore its singular purity, in other words, ceteris paribus is a ridiculous concept to try to apply.

The State became the driving force and Protestantism and non-Arisotelian science were used for its purposes. Both laid the foundation for moral relativism.

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