What Does Bernanke Think 0% Interest Means?

As an empirical 'economist' Ben Bernake thinks just like the other empirical 'economists' which means that 0% interest is a number. It is a number that can be changed by using monetary policy.

And since it is merely a piece of data that can be manipulated there is no empirical reason (or ethical reason) not to print money if that is what it takes to push the interest rate towards zero.

Unbeknownst to these economic imbeciles is the human reality behind the scenes. In truth (which is the opposite of the propaganda coming from these fools) the interest rate is a reflection of the time preference of the population. A zero percent interest rate means that people think that there is no difference between a good now and a good in the future. It means that nobody thinks there is any risk. Recklessness and profligate spending (which mirrors the politician's mindset) is perfectly fine.

This is what Keynes meant when he said "We're all dead in the long-run." The long-run is destroyed because of short-run Keynesianism.

In reality (not the in the vain imaginations of the perverted John Maynard Keynes) a 0% interest rate (or the drive to approach it) is nothing but a reckless destruction of the economy fueled by the counterfeit operation of the unConstitutional coup.

What Bernanke thinks 0% interest means is simple: it means the pleasure of his overlords!

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