What Is The Meaning Of Ron Paul Winning The CPAC Straw Poll?

The unConstitutional coup controls the media in general but it cannot make itself look too much like the Pravda. It is these moments of irresistable potency that shock and 'rock' the unConstitutional coup and force into exposure their stranglehold on the media.

Ron Paul has touched the hearts and the minds of many people in the media. But there are always those with ambitions who will do the bidding of the unConstitutional coup, and so, look for these unethical media types to surface and to try to smear Ron Paul.

As afraid as the unConstiutional coup is of Ron Paul and as much control as they have over the neo-conservatives do you think for a moment that they would not do everything in their power to prevent Ron Paul from winning the straw poll? Despite their scheming Ron Paul won the straw poll.

In other words, he won by a landslide!

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