Why Is D.C. Buried Under Snow And Rendered Helpless?

Bernanke was happy that he did not have to actually lie and connive face-to-face with any of the growing number of his skeptics because of cancelled government meetings. So instead he could issue a statement in the comfort of his warm and cozy den of thieves.

It is not only the economic equilibrium that will swing back and wipe away the traitorous unConstitutional coup but perhaps also the forces of nature since both the economic force of equilibrium and the forces of nature are at the loving command of God.

Are we close enough to an Age of ethics that the detrimental scum will be cast upon the shore? The bloated bodies of the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup will be the most vulgar of that scum. One thing is for certain: the ego-driven interventionists and their ego-driven interpreter friends have no future in an Age of ethics.

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