Widening The Political Spectrum Is A Good Thing!

The political spectrum is widening and both Ron Paul and Rand Paul understand the value of that.

The key at this point for everyone to understand is that the Constitution is what defines our government and both Ron Paul and Rand Paul educate the voters about that.

Ultimately it is the undermining of the unConstitutional coup that will heal America. The unConstitutional coup is continuing to crumble and to shake. I wouldn't be too surprised if some of the rats who were significant schemers and economic terrorists try to scurry away and distance themselves from the unConstitutional coup as its demise gets closer.

Keep an open eye. We don't want them to escape the wrath of the victims of their economic terrorism. They may not be 'war criminals' in the strict sense of the words but they are 'economic terrorists' and deserve to be brought to justice.

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