Will America Still Exist To Even Need A President in 2012?

Ron Paul is wise enough to realize that talking about running for President in 2012 is ridiculous. If the forces of economic equilibrium are unleashed at the full magnitude of the current disequilibrium caused by the ego-driven interventionists there may not even exist a Constitutional Republic in 2012, which may mean that America no longer exists!!!

That is how seriously severe is the situation. The economic terrorists behind the unConstitutional coup are running our nation into the ground and may cause it to be completely buried.

What will the name be afterwards? Well it may be that there will be a whole host of smaller classical liberalism societies with various distinctions. It is probably a good thing, anyway, to get rid of supposedly 'too big to fail' imperialist 'superpowers' as part of the process of ridding mankind of the ego-driven interventionists.

If America is still around in 2012 Ron Paul will be able to save the American nation by re-establishing it as a Constitutional Republic with greatly limited government.

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