Balancing Human Rights And Property Taxes.

When property rights are seen as a human right the whole idea of the taxation of property changes. What is tolerable? What is ethical? What is just? (with regards human rights)

The idea of restricting human rights by the means of taxation is unpalatable to most. If nothing else this economic identity (property rights are human rights and human rights are property rights) will redefine what is considered moderate. Liberty does have limits, as implied in property rights and human rights, and what society defines and redefines as moderate will be a reflection of those limits.

Taxation (and specifically property taxes) is a direct attack. It only exists to sustain the State. In a classical liberalism society there will not be a coercive State and so what does exist will be supported voluntarily. It may have some degree of an agreed upon 'tax on human rights' but as such it will be carefully watched and guarded - against excesses.

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