Ron Paul Uproots Bernanke's Economic Fallacies In Five Minutes.

A kindly conversation trying to get Ben Bernanke to explain the economics behind the decisions of the Federal Reserve!

Congressman Ron Paul builds the argument that everyone has now acknowledged that the interest rates were held to low for too long. And what does Bernanke think about that? In a slippery way he acknowledges it but he says that the real problem was a lack of regulations.

Dissenting but then continuing to question Bernanke about his knowledge of economics, Congressman Paul talks about the universal consensus that fixing prices and wages does not work and that central planning of the economy always fails which is why socialism fails. Congressman Paul then makes clear the fact that the interest rate is a price.

Next Ron Paul asks Bernanke to discuss how businesses and investors decide what to do if they are getting false signals in the form of fixed interest rates. Bernanke, obviously 'schooled' by Ron Paul just utters a nonsensical answer and then plays the blame game: "well all the central banks do it that way."

In a mere five minutes Ron Paul completely destroyed all of Bernanke's fallacies. Ben Bernanke is an economic ignoramus and yet he is the one deciding the monetary policy for the United States. Actually he is the monetary policy figurehead, merely doing the bidding of the unConstitutional coup. He is the chief counterfeiter for their counterfeiting operation.

P.S. Did you notice Bernanke cringe when Ron Paul said that he is a supporter of gold as the Constitutional money!!!

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