When Funny Money Is Used By Fools It's Death And Destruction.

Who is foolish enough to commit trillions of dollars to a host of endeavors that are premised on careless lies of politicians who promote the agenda of the military industrial complex? Congress is that fool.

Who is foolish enough to put aside principle and instead tow the line of the unConstitutional coup? The bought-and-paid-for media, that's who.

And what is used to wreak the destruction of lives domestically and internationally and to essentially bribe the media? It is the funny money printed by the counterfeiting operation of the unConstitutional coup.

No wonder the Federal Reserve (and the powers dependent on it) does not want to be audited. It is funding illegal and immoral activities all around the world. It is the lifeblood of the criminal unConstitutional coup. An audit would make Congress hear the demands of all civilized people, here and abroad, to stop the imperialism and to re-establish the Constitutional Republic.

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