Declare Private Education Within City Limits Tax-Free!

To some extent it seems a little overwhelming to radically change the structure of the local governing practices to one that is wholly compatible with classical liberalism. For example the idea that a significant segment of a city - like the downtown area - can completely change into a tax-free commerce zone may sound good but it may also sound too idealistic and will face resistance from the 'pragmatists.'

I have found the perfect first step towards a systematic change to a classical liberalism city. Stated simply: the city can declare that, within its jurisdiction, all private schools will be tax exempt!

First of all this incentive will greatly stimulate education among its citizens. It will also make the playing field more even since private education and private schooling of all types will no longer be taxed to help subsidize competing public schools.

Within a very short period of time this city will earn the reputation of a premier place to live because of its high degree of education. Migration into the city of people who value education will be certain. Relatively speaking, this city will have better educated citizens and because they are better educated they will find better ways to do things and consequently the whole area will show a much greater prosperity than other cities that are still shackled by relatively more oppressive tax systems.

The realistic hope is that other cities will then see the positive effects of encouraging private education and seek to emulate this wise city policy. Civilization will advance within the city and then among the other cities within the region.

Who are the far-sighted city leaders who will begin this process? It is time to begin!

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