Goldman Sachs And The Financial Crisis.

How does this work as a propaganda tool? With that as the starting question the true nature of this 'announcement' becomes more obvious.

The unConstitutional coup can feel the ground shaking and it needs both diversionary cover and something that deflects attention away from its counterfeiting operation (Federal Reserve) and all of its bribery schemes.

Will this 'announcement' buy some time? Will the indoctrinated masses who listen to the propaganda spewed out by the bought-and-paid-for main stream media settle down a little and 'trust' that the government is 'regulating' itself?

Ask yourself if the pervasive destruction caused by Goldman Sachs can possibly be resolved in the fascist climate of 'Too Big To Fail." In other words, this announcement is a farse, a smokescreen, and an insult to every American citizen.

Audit the Fed and expose the economic terrorism of the unConstitutional coup - that is the solution to the crisis in the financial markets!

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