Regression Theorem Of Intervention Is Just And Even Satisfies The Empiricists!

In Economics in One Lesson Henry Hazlitt summarizes what is good economics and what is bad economics. Good economics looks at the economic consequences over the long run and how everyone is affected. Bad economics is looking at how only some people are affected and for a limited amount of time.

Implied in this summary is the ability to determine the effects caused by economic actions or policies. In other words, it is possible to identify all of the consequences.

This theoretical basis satisfies those who analyze economics using the subjectivist methodology. And because the effects or consequences are empirical, and real in that sense, those who analyze economics using empirical methods will also be satisfied.

Now, according to the regression theorem of intervention all of the effects of intervention and over the entire time horizon are theoretically traceable back to the original act of intervention. Each act of intervention is attributable to the specific interventionists.

Justice can be pursued and achieved by holding the interventionists accountable for their deeds, or more appropriately, their misdeeds. Investigations along these lines will uncover layer after layer of corruption.

It is no wonder why I refer to the most influential interventionists as economic terrorists. They are destroying all that is good about civilization by their ego-driven intervention. They steal and lie and cause wars which means that lives are lost and ruined because of their ignorance and malevolence.

Justice in this day requires protection of property rights and its corollary: accountability for any and all intervention into the economy.

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