Tea Party Movement Has Some Purity!

Not all people in the Tea Party movement still adhere to the current ideology of America. Those that do will seek a solution to their problems somewhere within the spectrum of socialism.

Some of the people in the Tea Party movement have transitioned to the new and renewed ideology of classical liberalism and they are the ones that will quickly become disillusioned with the infiltration and power grab by the neocon-minded. The unConstitutional coup is doing all it can, using its surreptitious methods, to diffuse and dilute any and all resistance to its schemes. By the use of corrupt power the ones who are behind the usurpation of our Constitutional Republic will try to convince everyone that "Resistance is futile!"

The bottom line is that these economic terrorrists are ignorant of the awesome power of economic equilibrium which will sweep away all of their petty schemes and puny designs to oppress the people of the world. Basically, the Tea Party movement is not significant in the big picture.

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