Bernanke's "Wisdom" To Graduates Smells Rotten!

“It is possible that doing the ethical thing will make you feel, well, unhappy,” Bernanke told the graduates. “In the long run, though, it is essential for a well-balanced and satisfying life.”

Ben Bernanke, the chief counterfeiter in the entire world who is stealing the wealth of hundreds of millions of people around the world, has the nerve to speak about ethics!!!!!

Can anyone spell hypocrisy? Well, how about spelling b-l-a-t-a-n-t lying?

It is the mirror image, the reverse, that is Bernanke's real way of life. "It is possible that doing the unethical thing will make you feel, well, happy!!!" Let's see it in your deeds not your words, you pompous fake!

Since when is Bernanke concerned about the long run? His actions are exponentially destroying our currency and that is his long run legacy. He is focused on the short run - trying to immediately hide his unethical and corrupt practices - as the head of the counterfeiting operation of the unConstitutional coup.

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