Ego-Driven Interpreters and Interventionists Exhibit Lower Human Nature.

As we move forward all understandings become more refined. Ego-driven interpretation and ego-driven intervention are not in the same category as the life impulse. Humans exhibit a dual nature and it is true that the lower nature is still connected to the ego, not as a life impulse but as a corruptible self. One of the depravities of these Dark Ages of economics is the general ignorance about this human dual nature and the subsequent absence of measures taken to control the manifestations of this lower nature.

Human action as the life impulse nobly can be an expression of the higher nature, simply subjective and based upon one's knowledge, and since it is of the higher nature it aspires towards more knowledge which then affects the subjective decisions, and this process is a process of perfecting and advancing.

Can you see the difference between the higher and the lower? The higher nature is knowledge-seeking and perfecting whereas the lower nature is shallow and corruptible. All intervention into the economy is ego-driven (referring to the lower nature) and all ego-driven interpretation {interpretation that has no authority other than a selfish (lower nature) desire} is detrimental to the advancement of civilization.

Back to the ones who exclude the market: these are the ego-driven (interventionists and interpreters) who try to deprive humanity of its most universal language!

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