Greece Unrest Can Be Resolved By The Regression Theorem Of Intervention.

Why the unrest in Greece? Why else, austerity for the people of Greece while the criminal ego-driven interventionists sit comfortably in their seats of authority!

It is good that a relatively small nation like Greece is the testing ground for a new push for justice. Can the system of justice in Greece function free from control by the ego-driven interventionists, that is the big question? Justice is essential if this chronic problem is to be truly resolved. Justice can only be achieved if the system of justice can function independently of the interventionists and if the system of justice in Greece acts strongly against the theft and corruption perpetrated by the ego-driven interventionists.

Now it is a scientifically known fact that the perpetrators of economic disasters can be held accountable for their destructive and corrupt actions. The regression theorem of intervention states clearly that the destructiveness of intervention can be traced back to those who initiated the intervention.

The cause and effect nature of economics combined with the recognition that there is no moral authority to intervene into the economy is the starting point of the investigation into the determination of what portion of each of these acts of intervention is to be assigned to each of the ego-driven interventionists. Of course their financial resources will be confiscated and most likely they will be imprisoned as part of their punishment for their economic crimes.

Then the Greece example can then be extended to the rest of the world to eventually rid humanity of the criminal ego-driven interventionists who are really just functioning as economic terrorists due to their economic ignorance stemming from their indoctrination in fallacious Keynesian doctrines.

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