Bonehead Bernanke Acts DUMBfounded!

He wonders: Why is there a gold rally when there is no inflation? The numbers fed to the American public from the national statistic bureau indicate that there is no inflation!!!

Here's a better question for you to ask, Ben: Isn't our propaganda working?

In a nutshell there is a gold rally because there is not only inflation but we are on the verge of hyperinflation and the Federal Reserve, under the narcissistic leadership of Helicopter Ben, is about to destroy the dollar.

Here is what it all means Bonehead Ben Bernanke: more and more people know that you are a liar and a pawn of the unConstitutional coup. Your tenure as the head counterfeiter will make you the laughing stock of the world and surely that won't be good for your narcissism.

Some others may not laugh but instead seek retribution. Either way, people are despising you more and more. That is what happens when you are a crook and a charlatan.

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