Government Is Exempt From Economic Laws, But You Aren't!

GDP is a statistic that allows the government to measure the benefits that come from spending counterfeit money and going massively and recklessly into debt, while totally ignoring the inflation it creates, the malinvestment it causes, the corrupt redistribution of wealth from the productive to the unproductive, and the treasonous destructive impact on the economy.

This statistic is then used to create the lying propaganda of the government to try to convince the citizens that the economy is doing fine. Other statistics under the control of the government are also used as propaganda tools to convince people that things are getting better. Government unemployment figures are far from the truth. Government inflation figures are unbelievable to everyone who has to buy anything.

In other words the numbers, the statistics, are lyingly doctored.

It turns out that the government is not exempt from economic laws. It is just able to create a catastophic bubble of corruption and economic terrorism because it propagandizes its citizens. Eventually the economic laws will burst the bubble.

The key is to put an end to the unConstitutional coup that bribes the ego-driven members of Congress. That is the solution.

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