How Many Socialist U.S. Presidents Will It Take Before We Say Enough?

In the days of the expansion of socialism as part of the New Deal plan hardly anyone knew that Keynesianism was just a fancy word for a fanciful version of socialism. And so Roosevelt could promote the New Deal and appear to be something other than a socialist.

Although there are a few economic boobs like Paul Krugman who openly trumpet Keynesianism, most cannot with a straight face separate Keynesianism from central planning (socialism), and so rhetoric has to be resorted to in an attempt to try to camouflage its true nature.

But Keynesianism looks and smells and tastes and sounds like socialism to anyone that is paying attention. An economic crisis causes people to pay attention!

Hence, Obama is seen as a socialist.

The unConstitutional coup has to try to control the economy to finance its usurpation of our Constitutional Republic and this treason has been going on for many generations. The poll should really be about testing the knowledge of the voting public by asking "Has there been any U.S. President since 1912 that was not expected to be an advocate for central planning?"