PressTV Is Educating Everyone In The World About Nullification.

How refreshing it is to be able to listen to an in-depth interview about how the framers of the Constitution put in place mechanisms designed to prevent what we are now seeing done by what can be truly described as an unConstitutional coup. Tom Woods, the author of Nullification, is as gracious as the interviewer.

What became obvious during the interview is how incredibly insightful the framers were and we learned that the reason they were so careful is because they had direct experience with living under an oppressive government and also they knew how much everyone cherished the freedom of self-governance for the area in which they settled.

The compact agreed upon was unwaveringly clear to everyone that the States were sovereign and that they simply shared a common interest of mutuality and reciprocity.

To peacefully stop the oppressivenessof the unConstitutionl coup the States need to rediscover their right to nullify any and all laws deemed unconstitutional. This will begin the trend back towards the intended classical liberalism civilization.

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