Dissent In The Covey Of The Federal Reserve OMC!

To me it didn't seem like Greenspan ruled with an iron fist but rather with a mesmerizing crystal ball, a wand, and a pointed hat! Spellbound, the economically illiterate Congress, the befuddled public, and the hypnotized bishops of the Federal Reserve system watched as Greenspan pulled rabbits out of his hat and cut damsels in half!

Bernanke, on the other hand, is not a prestidigitator. Bernanke is an enabler, pure and simple (with emphasis on simple). Being a simpleton he sees the world as a variant of the Great Depression and being a simpleton he has a solution that only a simpleton could believe in. Since his solution is exactly what the unConstitutional coup wants and needs Ben Bernanke was chosen and was reappointed as the chief counterfeiter.

Anyone with any economic knowledge will oppose his preposterous schemes and since there are no more smoke and mirrors there is bound to be dissent. The question is: "Why is there not more dissent?"

It is a complicated mix of reasons: bribery, ambition, embarrassment, pride, arrogance, fear of consequences, fear of accountability, etc.

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