Paul Krugman Interprets U.S. Treasuries!

Nobel Prize winner for Wackonomics Paul Krugman not only is an ivory tower 'economist' with impeccable credentials for Keynesian quackery but he is also the queen of economic fantasy. What would Krugman find if he looked under the rock (U.S.Treasuries) if he bothered to take the time?

The scorpion of hyperinflation poised and ready to fatally sting the life out of the dollar.

Instead of seeing what lies hidden Krugman whistles the tune of the economic terrorists composing the unConstitutional coup who are attached to the counterfeiting operation of the Federal Reserve like a lamprey. The good news: the lamprey dies when the Federal Reserve is discarded.

It is not austerity that is needed, it is the abolition of central banks, replaced by free banking and sound money.

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