Is The Federal Reserve A Counterfeiter For Afghanistan?

When the main counterfeit ring (the Federal Reserve) that is supporting the unConstitutional coup in the United States has to start supporting the growing number of imperial exploits then, all of a sudden, the most corrupt and reckless will have very enticing incentives to 'get it while it can."

It was all nice and cozy when the core group of economic terrorists behind the unConstitutional coup could keep the counterfeit booty all to themselves (and of course, their buddies) but now their sleezy international deals with the unscrupulous scoundrels that they have appointed to run their imperial conquests are backfiring. The unethical underlings could care less whether the unethical overlords have a pseudo-image to uphold!

The unConstitutional coup knows that to allow the bank runs to expose their bankruptcy will jeopardize the exploits of the military industrial complex. What is a vile criminal to do? Which is better: to continue funneling money to the unscrupulous underlings thereby encouraging more and more of the same (postponing the inevitable); or to face the embarrassment of pulling out all troops as a bankrupt and ostracized nation (also the inevitable)?

Send Ben Bernanke on an international mission in his helicopter to drop oodles and oodles of paper funny money! Will he go or is he afraid he'll get shot down?

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