Both The Ecology And The Economy Are Natural Systems!

The imbalance (economy) that is behind the imbalance (ecology) is caused by the corruption of the natural system (the economy is the natural system just like ecology is the natural system) by ego-driven interpreters and ego-driven interventionists. The system of ecology excludes the addition of humanity to the world of creation. The system of economics includes humans but it is disrupted by human errors just as the ecology of the Earth is disrupted by human activity.

The goal is to minimize disruption and to maximize civilization.

Economic laws, just like ecologic laws are known. It is known that the unhampered flow of knowledge and the social cooperation engendered by division of labor requires the absence of ego-driven economic intervention.

The so-called scientist (Ohio State University climatologist Lonnie Thompson) sees the detrimental effects of human activity on the ecological system but fails to see the detrimental effects of ego-driven intervention into the natural system of the economy. His lack of a proper education does more harm than good! Such 'scientific work' is a best irrelevant and at worst it is detrimental to human civilization.

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