Is History's Greatest Counterfeiter Constitutional?

Today I listened to two interviews of Ron Paul. In one Congressman Paul, speaking on Bloomberg, was asked what one question would he ask Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke; and Ron Paul replied "Where does he (Bernanke) get the authority since the Federal Reserve is not in the Constitution of the United States?"

In the other interview on "Morning Joe" Congressman Ron Paul - at the end of the interview when he is talking about the growing unfavorable opinion towards the dollar around the world - states that the people around the world are waking up and asking "why are we trusting the world's greatest counterfeiting machine in the history of the world?"

The answer to the first question is: the Federal Reserve is not constitutional and so there is no authority for it to be doing what it is doing (which is counterfeiting dollars at a frenzied pace).

The answer to the second question is: the people around the world, including the people of America, should stop trusting the dollar as a currency. Hopefully Congress will terminate the legal tender laws before the dollar collapses so that competing currencies (especially gold in silver, as stipulated in the Constitution) can be legally chosen as alternatives to the funny money of the Federal Reserve.

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