Jon Stewart And Ron Paul Diss The Federal Reserve!

Ron Paul has been trying to educate the public about the destructive nature and unconstitutionality of the Federal Reserve for over 30 years and he is now about to be made the Chair of the Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee which will give him the platform needed to further educate the public and to show the disgracefulness of the Federal Reserve system.

And now the lying, conniving Ben Bernanke is being featured by comedians as the one of the most ridiculous of the buffoons strutting out in front of the public, making excuses for the unConstitutional coup. Jon Stewart does a commendable job, showing the duplicity and untrustworthiness of the person who serves as the counterfeiting kingpin who is critical in supplying cash to pay for imperialistic wars and socialistic welfare and political corruption.

As Ron Paul has been saying all along: abiding by the Constitution will stop most of these crimes. Use your pen and your voice to make it clear to those who are supposedly representing you in Congress that you want (and demand) a full audit of the Fed.

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