Chinese Culture Will Change Too!

The speaker, Martin Jacques, has an exagerated belief in the virtue of democracy, not just in political terms. He assumes that what will drive the culture in the future is the relative size of the population. This is also incorporated in his assumption of the importance of the Chinese concept of race that he described.

At the end he sums it all up by saying that all of these trends should be of interest to us 'humanists.' To an ear not alert to the particulars of the information that he shared this statement may just go in one ear and out the other.

The speaker does miss the significance of the 'touch of the finger of God' in the evolution of human civilization even though he does mention that Confucius was indispensable to the Chinese culture. His linear analysis which includes the materialistic empiricism of the 'Goldman Sachs' data is just as blind as the narrow and uninformed view of the West towards other cultures.

Humans are not robotic and are subject to inspiration and the same is true for human civilization because human civilization is always directly or indirectly inspired by the appearance of a Manifestation of God.

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