Let's Gracefully Solve The U.S. Debt Situation!!!

In this great interview of Ron Paul by Dylan Ratigan from MSNBC the whole picture of the weakness of political will to face the problem of irresponsible government comes to light.

Congressman Paul talks about the headway made in educating the general citizenry about the destructiveness of Keynesianism but remains skeptical that anything less than national bankruptcy will cause the political will to shift away from untrustworthiness and towards integrity, away from scamming the American people and towards honest statesmanship.

What Ron Paul says, that should be encouraging to everyone, is that the U.S. could gracefully resolve this problem within about one year if it would change its foreign policy away from empire building and if it would stop using the Federal Reserve system as a counterfeiting operation.

The choice is clear: gracefully end this dark period of economic terrorism or suddenly and violently crumble into a heap of chaos with no way to control what will emerge from the pile. It could be a renewed and revitalized and principled America or it could be some vulgar form of despotism.

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