Will A Remnant Of America Survive?

The smear campaign funded by the money being counterfeited in an immoral fashion by the central planners in charge of the Federal Reserve is designed to keep the unConstitutional coup in charge of a once great nation. With our Republic desperately gasping for the vital air of liberty and justice, all the while being strangled to death by the usurpers, and while Congress is slouched in a dark corner drunk out of its mind, there is a champion of the Constitution - a physician, Dr. Ron Paul - trying to administer a remedy.

Can we keep our Republic alive so that the principles it was founded on can offer some refuge when the dollar completely collapses or will there not even be a remnant of America left as a civilizing balm while the world struggles through the upcoming cataclysmic chaos?

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{I am currently taking a partial hiatus from blogging so frequently since I am preparing to write the fourth and final book in the divine economy theory series, due to be published around May 2011.}