Yuri Maltsev Can Compare The U.S. And The Soviet Union.

One of the beauties of the value of what Yuri Maltsev has to say is pointing out the similarity between the fascist/socialism of the United States and the communist/socialism of the former Soviet Union. Take Afghanistan for example. Take the two-faced single party system in the United States and the one party system of the Soviet Union. Take the CIA in the United States and the KGB in the United States. Take the strip searches at the airports in the United States and the internal passports in the Soviet Union.

It sure would be a great act of courage if Yuri could find the means to begin making the circuit around the country in a manner similar to Tom Woods. Since both are Austrian economists they can guide their audience to literature that will educate them about the power of economic knowledge.

What a one-two punch that would be: the signs of socialism made obvious and the use of nullification to knock it back!

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