The Bad Fruits Of Economics And Religion.

Those who criticize Islam forget that ego-driven interpretation is a destructive force just like ego-driven interventionism is a destructive force. Why are there not the good fruits of Islam prominent everywhere is the same question as "Why are there not the good fruits of laissez-faire prominent everywhere?"

So just as economists who know that the gems of laissez-faire can be discovered despite ego-driven interventionism so too can they also find the gems of Islam despite the destructiveness of ego-driven interpretation.

Of course if the exploration is preceded by indoctrination in neoclassical positivism or Keynesian nonsense then it may be well nigh impossible for that economist to discover the merits of laissez-faire. Likewise if the economist who tries to explore the merits of Islam begins under the indoctrination that has been foisted upon most of us by the ego-driven interpretations of the opponents of Islam then that pursuit will end in rejection also.

One of the great similarities between religion and economics is that both have been attacked and perverted by the ego-driven. Our job it to understand this and not to be fooled by these foolish ones.

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