A Gracious Man, An Economic Scholar, Who Believes In Liberty!

At the end of this interview Ron Paul thanks Larry Kudlow from CNBC's Kudlow Report. Congressman Paul is interested in educating people about how the economy works and how freedom works and how Statism is criminally disfunctional.

Bernanke is either an economic imbecile or he is a chronic liar, but either way he is directly and indirectly responsible for massive economic terrorism affecting people all around the world.

The ridiculous data presented by the propagandists of the State insult the intelligence of every serious-minded person and expose how the pernicious State uses the media to lie. Isn't that why people all over the world are turning to the internet to search for truthful news and rebelling against the thievery of the political class?

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{I am currently taking a partial hiatus from blogging so frequently since I am preparing to write the fourth and final book in the divine economy theory series, due to be published around May 2011.}