Is Germany A Prisoner Of The European Union?

The Russians and the British were the chief instigators of World War I not Austria and Germany and the Treaty of Versailles guaranteed that a fascist dictator like Hitler could rise to power in Germany. The Wilsonian doctrine and the lust for booty by the jealous Nation-States of Europe/Asia separated the people from their cultural roots of monarchy, paving the way for communism and dictators who were passed off as democratically elected.

What do the Germans have to feel guilty about except their current foolishness for allowing the lies to continue. Germany needs to cut itself from the European Union and try to resurrect its cultural heritage by finding a way to become a constitutional monarchy.

Then in the short run Germany should reconstitute a gold standard. In the medium run it should terminate all socialism. In the long run it will once again then flourish as a great society with a rich heritage.

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