Rumsfeld's Book Of Lies For The Gullible.

Iraq artificially came into existence by the schemes of the group of imperialists (the victors) at that time who were deeply jealous of each other. Of course they were motivated to be the 'favorite' and with the 'dollar' as the world reserve currency it was the U.S. that became the 'mover and shaker' using all of its tools, including and especially the CIA. Every increment of power gained by Saddam was related directly or indirectly to the aspirations of the imperialistic unConstitutional coup and so Rumsfield is either a foolish pawn or a liar because there is no doubt that any and all military weaponry and power possessed by Saddam linked back to the unConstitutional coup.

In the ascension to power within the ranks of the unConstitutional coup the most critical characteristic and personal trait is pathological lying. Rumsfeld must have been really good at it because he was used over and over!!!

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