Will The UnConstitutional Wars Wake Up Congress? Americans?

There is a difference between opposition to this war and taking steps to impeach President Obama for violating the Constitution.

Where are the statesmen and women in the Senate and the House of Representatives who are courageous enough to take to the American people the clear and evident violations of the Constitution?

It's about lives, it's about bankrupting our country, it's about imperialism, but ultimately it's about the unConstitutional coup and its puppets.

The regression theorem of intervention can instantly track the crimes back to the principal agents and so there is no longer any reason to hesitate in bringing the criminals to justice. Enough of the consequences of their interventions can immediately be directly attributed to each of the criminals and most of the secondary destructiveness of their interventions can later be traced back, exactly, to them.

I suggest that their primary crimes bring them immediately under the rule of law leading to their arrest and imprisonment, and while the rest of the crimes are traced back to them they can begin their defense.

Since many of the crimes have international reprecussions most of these criminals will need to be treated as international criminals.

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