Political Analysis Is About To Become Obsolete!

Libertarianism is a commendable perspective, indicative of an inquisitive and independent mind and spirit but I do not think that it is necessarily the lens capable of assaying the trends to come. The whole political analysis methodology may go out the window along with the rest of the crumbling institutions of a world thrust into a new reality. It is for this reason that statistics and polls about where people stand have little pertinence if or when the world turns on its nose.

In crisis will people care about doctrines or will they migrate towards knowledge that gives them peace, liberty and prosperity? The doctrines will ring hollow since the institutions that have promulgated them will vanish.

So, can Ron Paul win? It is possible that the time is right because the collapse of the fiat currencies is imminent and our friend Ron Paul is a great educator, attracting people who are desperately seeking the knowledge necessary to relieve their burdens. What is implausible about this?

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{I am currently taking a partial hiatus from blogging so frequently since I am preparing to write the fourth and final book in the divine economy theory series, due to be published around May 2011.}