Here Is Why Osama Bin Laden Was Unarmed!

Osama Bin Laden had no fear of becoming a martyr and so why should he arm himself or even defend himself?

Ten years and trillions of dollars wasted and millions of people around the world driven to hate what America stands for - Bin Laden was glad to die for that. Exhausted and morally bankrupt soldiers, separated from their homeland and their families and friends, and many dead or injured U.S. soldiers sent to fight unconstitutional wars - Bin Laden was glad to die for that.

According to the unConstitutional coup in the United States this execution of Osama Bin Laden was a victory! United States is bankrupt and all the crazed nationalistic celebrating by the propagandized citizens only serves to encourage the imperialists and their foolish politician puppets to expand the wars even more!

Is the stupidity of the economic terrorists of the unConstitutional coup so monumental that they, indeed, make Osama Bin Laden a martyr - by fulfilling every goal of undermining America that Bin Laden had, and that he clearly stated?

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