The Ego-Driven Corruption Of Western Civilization.

Of course not all cities, even in the culture of what can be called Western civilization, were equally enlightened nor did these modern cities with a higher degree of righteousness remain uncorrupted over time. Asymmetry crept in and reciprocity waned.

Power-to-be-had was enticing. The dual nature of human beings cannot be forgotten as a factor in history since there can be no doubt that it played a significant role in the history of human civilization. Let us assume that one person becomes ego-driven and lusts after power. That affects history. But it is not just one person lusting after power, it is many. And because humans are all connected within society and within civilization, all are affected by this.

How is civilization affected? All things associated with human thought and activity feel the effects. This means that economics and ethics, and justice and liberty, and law and order, and peace and prosperity are all changed in a negative way. Also, consequently, what is considered as education is altered. The disconnection caused by the exercising of the lower human nature reverberates and is amplified and compounded. It is not necessarily a condition of chaos but it is disorder, and it is destructive.
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