The State Is Not A Natural Order According To The Divine Economy Theory.

Rest assured, the State is not a natural order and this can be easily proven by the divine economy theory. All ego-driven intervention disrupts equilibrium. The State is the best means only if the ends desired is despotism. “The main political problem is how to prevent the rulers from becoming despots and enslaving the citizenry.” [17] Without the State the natural order of social cooperation would prevail. “The State is the only institution entitled to apply coercion and compulsion and to inflict harm upon individuals. This tremendous power cannot be abandoned to the discretion of some men, however competent and clever they may deem themselves. It is necessary to restrict its application. This is the task of the laws.” [18] These are the laws that are compatible with liberty and justice and these are the laws that we are interested in exploring.
[17] Ludwig von Mises, The Theory of Money and Credit, (Yale University Press, 1953), p. 454.
[18] Ludwig von Mises, Bureaucracy, (Center For Futures Education, 1983), p. 76.

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