At The Threshold Of Transition From Interventionism!

Obviously it can be said that we are not there yet. Some of the progress made to date has been camouflaged by the disarray caused by those who have disrupted the force of equilibrium. Stepping back and looking at human history we can see the tendency toward an ever-advancing civilization. If allowed to operate unhampered the equilibrium force that works by all of the various means within human civilization will bring peace and order. Besides, there is no moral authority for interference with the equilibrium force that is wholly and organically inherent and that operates naturally as a divine force.

We are at a threshold in human history. That threshold is the transition from interventionism - which lacks moral authority - to trust in the equilibrium force that exists as a divine institution (for lack of a better term) as part of God’s creation of human beings ‘in His Image.’ We are at the threshold of understanding how to establish a divine civilization in its fullness. We are at a threshold that was not achievable in the past.

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