Ideally The Light Of Justice Must Surround Entrepreneurship.

Alertness is another way of saying ‘seeking after truth.’ It certainly has an intellectual component but it also has a spiritual component which has been unnecessarily neglected by those scientists that are still shackled to some extent by orthodoxy. The seat of all value is the appearance of the virtues or attributes of God in all material things and as the essential component of all human action. It is the appearance of these virtues, and the attraction that they create, that brings about both justice and unity.

First of all, since we are investigating justice let’s go ahead and consider justice at the point of the ignition of the divine spark. Alertness of the entrepreneur is the exercising of the most basic human right, the independent investigation of truth. Equally as significant is the fact that it is because of this entrepreneurship (alertness) that transformation takes place, not only at the level of the individual but also within the economy and within the society. To clarify the importance of justice, it is justice that inextricably links the interests of the individual with those of society.  It is, therefore, extremely important for the light of justice to reach and to surround the entire arena of entrepreneurship.

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