Jesse Benton Comes Of Age.

I must admit that I was introduced to the classical liberalism scholar named Ron Paul in 1984 when I began my graduate degree study of economics at Auburn University. I began to read the literature and I read some of the early works of Ron Paul.

Of course I followed his career as a distinguished Austrian economist serving in Congress, noticing how he persistently tried to educate the public about ethical economics and the fallacies and immorality of Keynesian economics.

In 2007 when he ran for President I got to know more about his family. I followed the charming story of his granddaughter marrying Jesse Benton, a diligent supporter and campaign strategist. Jesse was almost always with Ron Paul during all of the rigors of the campaign.

Again I noticed the involvement of Jesse with the 2012 campaign but it wasn't until this interview that I realized how he has come of age. He is now willing and able to be a spokesperson and an ambassador for Ron Paul to the media.

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